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Zonal Defense: Move forward or backwards

In every movement of the ball we do, the defensive situation changes. Did the ball go forward or backwards? Is the player on the ball pressed? Does he have options to pass the ball to a free player? These are some of the several decisions that we have to practice.

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Finishing and Pressure after losing possession

A drill with the double of the box as the dimensions. We will put rules to reward the high press and the press after losing possession. At the same time we will work on how we would be able to overcome these two situations to achieve a good position for finishing.

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Double Rondo

In this drill you will work on the change of pace, on passing the ball to attract de rivals and switching the play to the deliberated side and on choosing which the best moment for intercepting the ball is. All of these in a rondo that you can implement in U10 groups and older.

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