The following drills have been developed by UEFA pro coaches. Coaches who have studied the latest training methodologies in football at the highest level competitions (La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A…).

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4 Lanes: Create Superiority 6v6

In a simple structure applicable to any style of play with a line of 4 in defense + 2 midfielders. You will find a lot of key tactical concepts in this drill: Shiftings, coverages, closing interior passes… and, in order to attack, a wide variety of offensive tactical concepts will be needed.

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Conditioned Game: Defending in middle block

For a slow defender, the body orientation when facing a through ball is key in order to beat a faster forward. Your player’s mental quickness when making the right decision about the body shape will them improve against the through balls.

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Rondo: Speed of game and coverages

Tactical rondos with a high demand of defensive concepts. If your defenders in the rondos do not delay, they are learning how to not delay the opponents attack in the games.

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