The following drills have been developed by UEFA pro coaches. Coaches who have studied the latest training methodologies in football at the highest level competitions (La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A…).

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Extreme Transitions 3v3

To practice transitions in superiority will make your players look for safe finishing situations thoughtlessly and will make them think about the defensive transition. This is a drill that you as a coach will like a lot, a very useful drill.

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Attract to switch the play

The creation of spaces is key in the offensive tactic. In this case, we will make the team to come and press us doing short passes in order to play to the deliberated side afterwards. This drill will make the players to give close, intermediate and far supports.

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Direct Attack: Final Minutes

Maybe your team just uses the direct style of play occasionally (e.g when losing in the last minutes of a game), but it is more than likely that your team will face teams that use it during most of the minutes. To practice it in the same proportion as it is played in your competition is both correct and necessary.

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Positional Play – Speed of Play

Another offensive tactical drill to improve the position game (Guardiola, Sarri…). To play the ball facing the player who is about to receive it will allow the receiver to think before getting the ball and to speed the play up.

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Rondo: draw in rivals

In this drill, the offensive players will win two points if they repeat the same pass in order to attract the defenders first so they can pass it then to the free farther players. The defenders will have to be coordinated to do the pressing choosing the right moment to do it. These tactical momentums are key and they will appear many times in the real game.

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Offensive Vigilance and Free Man

A dynamic and safe way for attacking is either to find the third man or to be aware of where the defenders are (offensive vigilances). At the same time, you will have to find the appropriate distances so your team not always pass the ball to the closest players but also finds the mid-distance players, with the objective of braking the lines. In this drill, the defensive players practice the moment of activating the pressing in a coordinated way.

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Numerical Advantage and Zonal Marking

A partial structure with a specific work for the defensive players. What we used to do with boring and ineffective attacking actions against the defenders, we do it now with a useful and attractive game for the players.

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Understanding of the game

Tactical situation to improve the decision making about when to create a numeric superiority or when to keep being a support in an intermediate distance.


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