Double Box. Advantages and Disadvantages.

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In recent football, the double box drill structure has been used very often, but, have we really analyzed it deeply? Are there that many advantages?

We take, as a reference, a double box drill in which 6 players + a goalkeeper are facing other 6 players + a goalkeeper.


  • Playful content. The players love it.
  • We can have a lot of finishing situations while doing the drill.
  • Competition: If we structure the drill in 3 or 4 teams and we take out one team each time they lose, we reach a high level of competition, a very high intensity.
  • Quick decision making: If we play 7 vs 7 the density of players in the double box space will be high.
  • Mistakes are penalized: Since it is a very short field, the mistakes during the game are penalized with a clear goal chance for the rivals.
  • Transitions: There are a lot and very fast transitions.
  • Challenges: A lot of 1vs1 situations will happen which are not normally practised.


  • Dimensiones: el espacio de desarrollo hace que se pierde la naturalidad del juego
  • Size: The reduced space makes the game loses its naturalness.
  • Depth lost in attack: Since the space is so reduced, we totally lose the depth when attacking, unless we reduce as well the number of players per team (2vs2 + GK’s, 3vs3 + GK’s)
  • Tactical sense lost: If we do not set rules, the double box drills lack tactical content
  • Difficulty for moving forward: There is not much space to move forward, so, if a team does a long possession when having the ball, the majority of these passes will be horizontal. This is a dangerous habit for the team.
  • There are not many actions: If we allow the finishing without any rule nor restrictions, quick finishings will take place during the drill and other important tactical actions will not take place.
  • To move forward, it is necessary for our players to be at different heights of the field, and, with the double box drills, this does not happen.


  • Since the change on the goal kick regulation we can do a lot of microstructures to practice the game building and the high pressure. A very good rule to make these situations happen is to just allow the ball on the ground.
  • With a good provocation rule we will be able to practice any tactical principle.


Tu use double box drills without provocation rules when we look for leisure but competitive minutes.

If we want to, we can add rules for practicing multiple tactical concepts: Third man, counter attack, tactical balance, free man etc.

To find more double box drills with tactical concepts, use our search tool on the right top corner. Below you can find some examples.


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